Subject Re: [IBO] Passing search critera and param values?
Author TeamIBO
> I want to pass the search criteria and parameter values from an
> IB_Query in a function call so I can apply them to a different
> select clause in another unit. I can send the search criteria as
> SQLWhereItems but I can't see an easy way of sending any parameter
> values that may be required. ParamValues[] is for each one and
> ParamValueLinks holds some values that don't seem related.

I cant think of an easy way to manage this. Params and ParamValues
etc are generally an integral part of the SQL (since the parameters
are in the SQL). I think you can treat the Params as an array of
variants and so make the assigments that way - although this is
potentially dangerous (if the orders dont match etc). The safer way
would be to prepare the destination and then loop through the
parameters and match them to values from the source.

I hope this wasnt too late to be of any use.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing