Subject Punt (for Helen)
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Helen,

'Punt' = American Football = I don't think I can get to 10 yds with the ball
at the moment because of the state of play (say 2nd down and 28 yds to go to
the mark, or whatever it is called) so I shall 'punt' the ball. That is, get
the required yardage by kicking the ball up the field.

'Punt' = English = Flat bottomed boat with squared as opposed to 'pointy'
ends. Usually powered by a gentleman in a straw boater (hat) using a long
pole. Much used on the River Cam (in Cambridge) by romatic young couples,
where she sits in the boat drinking champage, eating strawberries and he
does 'all the work' :o)

'Punt' = Irish = The Irish unit of currency. Equivalent to UK Pound, or 2
and a bit AU$.

'Punt' = Ancient Egyptian = The ancient Egyptian name for an area of Africa
which is currently thought to be Somaliland, however, uncertainty exists.

I suspect he means the first version above, as in 'did you get rid of me'.



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