Subject Re: [IBO] BCB5 & V4.2.Fp
Author TeamIBO
> I've been extracting,, and then
>, but I get errors when rebuilding....

IBO40TRT_C5 ->> Unable to open file 'IB_CODEFORMATTER.OBJ', and
IBO40FRT_C5 ->> " " " " 'IBF_METADATA.OBJ',

> even though these files exist in the inter subdirectory.

Looks like I did miss a few things. There are three new units in the
Fp release (new metadata extract related stuff). I attempted to edit
the BCB packages by hand, but since I do not have BCB5 I could not
test if I did it properly.

IBO40TRT should have units:

IBO40FRT should have the unit:


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing