Subject Re: [IBO] RE: SchemaCache
Author Jason Wharton
> Setting SchemaCache to 'c:\temp' in TIBODataBase causes
> an error 'ISC ERROR MESSAGE'
> 'Dynamic SQL Error'
> 'SQL Error code = -204'
> 'Table unknown'
> 'At line 2, column 6'
> 'Process stopped. Use Step or Run to continue'
> upon a TIBODataBase.Connected := True;
> For the rest the program continues fine.
> Any ideas ?

Yes, refer to the help file and see how to set this up. You need to add and
maintain an IBO system table.

> Best Regards,
> Hans
> PS. Jason did you receive my private
> Email with the RollBack Delay Example?

Yes, I will address these issues in the next sub-release.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ