Subject Feature request: ActiveAtConnect
Author IMB T
Hi Jason,

Please consider the following problems:

1. An application needs to take the GDB name at runtime (from an .INI file,
from registry, user entered etc.) and to have an easy way to open the
desired datasets with ease and flexibility.

2. Any change on the connection details at the design time puts the attached
datasets in the Active=False state. We must walk through all dataset to open
them again.

3. Any routine which changes the database at runtime (for example changing
the year in an accounting program) needs to open the datasets again.

An easy way to solve these problems is to add (on both layers T_IB and TIBO)
a property named ActiveAtConnect: boolean

and to have in the after connect part of the connection's component a simple
code (I can send it to you if you want) which will open again the datasets
which have the FActiveAtConect=True.

What do you say?