Subject Re: [IBO] Connecting the server via network
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 09:30 AM 24-01-02 +0100, Ales wrote:
>can you tell me, how to correctly setup TIB_Connection to connect FB via
>Are the only needed properties the following ones?
>// INCORRECT DatabaseName=:c:\data\MyDB.gdb

DatabaseName=SERVER_NAME:c:\data\MyDB.gdb <- let IBO construct this

>// IGNORE THIS Database=MyDB.gdb <--- NO
>// INCORRECT Path=c:\data\



Protocol=cpTCP_IP <--- you should select it from the property list

>What is the difference between Path and DatabaseName, DatabaseName and

Server + Path = Database

Once you have set Server and Path, the Database property will "auto-fill" with the correct string, according to the protocol you select. (If you select cpLocal it will ignore the Server property in making up the connection string).

Once Server and Path are there, you can change the Database property to a "friendly" name like AccountsDB.

DatabaseName is there for VCL compatibility. It can be ignored.

You will also need to attend to the Login properties. If you want a login prompt, set the LoginPrompt property true (recommended for deployment).

For development, set LoginPrompt false, enter a Username and Password and set PasswordStorage to psNotSecure. You should improve the security level of this property for deployment.

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