Subject Quick Refresher on bit logical arithmetic
I have a table which stores profiles for meetings. They can
occure weekly, or every third week of the month etc.
and I have a MEETINGREPEAT integer value that stores bit
flags for the weeks of the month, and also the day of the
week. That is all processed nicely onto the user interface,
with a pop-up to select the week combinations ( and a second
with 12 month flags as some meetings take a break one or two
months of the year.

The problem! I now need to select all the records that apply
to, say, a third wednesday. I think I am right is saying I
can't do this in SQL, so I need a UDF that will return a 1
or 0 when the bit flags match the combination I want.

Is that the case, or is there some other way that I am

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services