Subject Re: [IBO] Rights problem
Author TeamIBO
> It appears that the orderingitems, etc, only allow ordering on
> single fields. I wantd to order by multiple fields in one case so
> that's why I use the SQLOrder.

Indeed you can define multiple fields. You may not be able to use the
create dialog, but then I have only ever used that dialog when
checking up on problems with it reported on this list. Example:


Note that the fields before the ';' are the ascending sort, after the
';' are the descending sort. You dont have to provide descending sort
if you dont need it. You dont need the ' ASC' spec on the ascending
sort definition since that is the default anyway (I was just being


Placing both fields in the OrderingLinks pointing to the same
OrderingItems allows either column to be clicked on in IB_Grid and
cause the same order to be selected.

> Anyway, my "insert" problem results in the following monitor output.
> There is an insert in there for some reason but I have no idea where
> it is coming from. It doesn't happen with the sysdba login. All I
> did was chose to change the sort order by selecting a different
> option from the sort combobox. All that does is close the table,
> change the Sqlorder, and open the table. The error occurs on the
> line of code that closes of the table:

IBO prepares any explicitly defined InsertSQL when it prepares the
normal SQL. If you let IBO declare its own InsertSQL and EditSQL then
it will only prepare those statements if/when required. IB/FB will
reject the prepare of InsertSQL/EditSQL/DeleteSQL if there is no
permission (it wont wait for an actual insert/edit/delete to be

If you MUST have your own InsertSQL (presumably to support some
complex query or procedure or something) then you will have to build
in your own detection for whether the user is allowed to insert or not
and not set InsertSQL and set PreventInserting=true.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing