Subject Re: [IBO] Rights problem
Author TeamIBO
Hi Don,

My first reaction is to ask why you are doing this in code. Instead
use OrderingItems, OrderingLinks and OrderingItemNo. (You can find
explanations for these properties in the online help under TIB_Query -
the properties exist under TIBOQuey as well but there is not
explanation in the online help under that heading.)

The basic concept for these properties is fairly easy, simply setup
the supported sort orders in OrderingItems and OrderingLinks and then
alter the ordering simply by setting OrderingItemNo as desired.

IBO even makes it easy to load the available list of ordering item
descriptions using something like...
IB_Dataset.GetOrderingItemsList( AStringList );

Now to the actual problem...

I dont know :-) Perhaps if you run IB_Monitor while this takes place
we can see exactly what is being inserted. You may also want to try
putting a breakpoint in your code and stepping through to see where
the insert is happening.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing