Subject Re: [IBO] Two databases in same project
Author stanw1950
Jason, thanks. Remember this was a local database on a 300mh home
computer. When I tried it at work on my 1000mh computer the time was
cut in half. That test was for my bde to ibo one shot conversion.
Since I found a lot of quirks, I found that I didn't have the time to
test every part of our application and still do the required day-to-
day upgrades required at work. Therefore, I am converting our app one
screen at a time to the native components (with much help from this
newsgroup). I still have the program, so I'll test it again after
your subrelease. Thanks.

Stan Walker

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> > [NAME] = 'RDB$PRIMARY22 ' ]
> >
> > SECONDS = 33.249
> > ----*/
> > /*---
> >
> > And so on. There's a lot more, but it's too much for here. The
> > time to connect and open the one (and only) table for the database
> > was about 55 seconds. The program and database are here on my home
> > computer. It does seem like a lot of time. Thanks
> I think this might have to do with something I have fixed in the
> sub-release.
> I'll hopefully get it out tonight or tomorrow.
> Please get it and try it again and let us know.
> If not, I am inclined to think this is a server problem since it is
> server that it eating up all that time. You may want to take this
to the
> IB-Support list too.
> Thanks,
> Jason