Subject Re: [IBO] Connection problem
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 08:46 AM 18-01-02 -0200, Helton de Oliveira wrote:
>> > I'm using a TIBODatabase to connect to Interbase, and the Protocol
>> > is set to cpTCP_IP.
>> >
>> > I am also setting the Server, Path, PassWord and UserName to the
>> > values.
>> >
>> > The TIBODatabase can only connect if i'm connected on the internet !!
>When i
>> > set the Connected property to true i can see bytes flow go and back from
>> > internet connection.
>> >
>> > If i'm not connected on the internet the TIBODatabase connection fails.
>> >
>> > What is hapenning ?
>> Are we talking W2K?
>Thanks, i forgot to send my configuration:
>Cliente: WIN95, DELPHI5, IBO 4.2.FN
>Server: NT4, IB6

This is off-topic for IBO...but...

ideally you need to get the Win95 Plus upgrade to Winsock2 (sorry, it's so old I forget the patch number).

At the very least, you need an entry in the c:\Windows\Hosts file of the client machine containing the IP address and server name of the host machine. If there is no file there named hosts, look for one named hosts.SAM, copy and rename it to hosts.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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