Subject Re: Lookup List
Author Technisoft
At 18:21 17-01-2002 +0000, Lester wrote:
>Yes that could be another way. I prefer a pop-up into which
>you put each line, so you can check stock levels and things
>like that as you go, and then offer alternatives relating to
>the particular situation. Having seen how fast some of these
>ladies ( men don't seem to be as fast <g> ) can copy type,
>they get anoyed when they have to wait for the computer to
>catch up with them.
If you haven't already done so, and when you have a moment :>), take a look
at the Gridpack from TMSSoftware. Amazing range of capabilities, and
freeware for non-commercial use. The AdvColumn grid is especially good,
giving individual control over certain properties of each column.

Peter Lawson