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Do I understand the situation?

The InsertSQL(and the other 2), provide a means to populate the parameters
automatically. What is still required is a TIB_DSQL component with which to
effect the intended changes to the dataset by the stored proc on the server.

... procedure AQryBeforePost(...
with AStoredProc do
{ values are assigned by IBO therefore: }

IBO Help:-

l As with EditSQL and DeleteSQL, when your dataset is the output of a SELECT
from a stored procedure, or a joined dataset where you want to your insert
to add rows to more than one table, it provides a way to pass parameters to
a stored procedure you have created to perform one or more operations that
will generate new rows in the dataset.


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At 07:24 AM 17-01-02 -0800, Dion wrote:

>I get the following error when the SP fires :-
> Message length error(encountered 0, expected 8)
>Is my column naming correct in the qry? I can only think that the params
>sucked into the SP are not the correct ones.

Why not show us the code you are using to assign the params and execute the
DML query?

Also, would you please trim your replies.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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