Subject Re: [IBO] Refreshing a sorted list
Author Jason Wharton
> IBO has so many properties that I'm sure there's one that can do the
> following (I just don't know which). Any help would be much
> appreciated.
> I have an IB_Grid that a user may insert/edit directly. The rows are
> actually sorted in a certain order (using direct SQL, not the
> OrderingItems properties). Upon insertion of a new row, or the
> editing of the sorted criteria, I would like the grid to place the
> new row in its correct position according to the sort order. Right
> now, it just sticks to whatever row it was inserted in. I'm doing a
> refresh everytime a row is posted to get the correct sort order again.
> Is there a better way?

Unfortunately, not yet.
It is a feature to be added in a future release to do sorting of buffered
records on the client.
IBO is very server centric (and always will be).

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ