Subject Re: [IBO] SP error??
Author Burak OZLER
> Are you using the SQL Monitor to watch what is being passed?
thanks Helen
this was the key sentence for me...

I found the problem by executing every sub SP separately at my main SP.

The Story is

At the begining I was using Exceptions at my SP's, then I noticed that
getting a exception terminates all sub and main SP run.
So I put a varchar variable to my SP's and if an unwanted stuation occurs I
fill the varchar variable with
<<SP_NAME>> : <<Reason>>
for Error Handling

At the Main SP that calls the subs, increments with the sub sp's Error or
Reason Sentences
My Error Handling dream corrupted... When I saw that length of my sum(sub
sp's reason sentences) varrying and exceeding the main's varchar(x)'s X
value most of the time.

Any Ideas for Error Handling for my stuation???