Subject Re: [IBO] IBO4 and multiple selection grids
Author TeamIBO
> As usual, when I started to create simple sample (I just love this
> expression) it worked ok. Setting TrackGridRow=true did the trick.
> But when I looked at my app, then I noticed that it already had it
> set. Now, when I select one row in grid and then try to slide
> scrollbar I get Click event!!! This is the call stack:

I am not sure why there is a difference between IBO3 and IBO4 in this
regard - because IBO does not explicitly call the generic OnClick
event itself (that happens in the VCL). It may be the explicit
control over the scrollbars now being applied.

However I would suggest that you use OnCellClick for your code, then
you will be sure of not getting the code executed when scrolling and
you can control whether you want the code executed on title or border

Let me know if that resolves your immediate problem.

BTW: In regard to the event code you sent, instead of tracking shift
key states via keydown/keyup you can use the API as in...
GetKeyState( VK_CONTROL )

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing