Subject Re: [IBO] Timeframe for new release?
Author Martijn Tonies

> My comments are about the words you chose to use more than what you are
> actually doing (which is much and is very helpful). You told me various
> steps to repeat a case and it is in the queue. Because you didn't provide
> simple sample app isolating the problem it got put in a queue that has a
> lower priority.
> Here's a rough sketch of my priority system:

Nice one - point well taken :)

> (All must contain clear and simple descriptions of the problem.)
> 1) IBO source files changed by the submitter who feels they are a good and
> dependable fix. It's a huge bonus if they also provide their sample case
> not necessary.

> Based on what you have submitted you got a #4 ranking. The #1 and #2
> still have some items in them so please be patient or consider elevating
> your item's priority by raising it to those levels.

Mine is higher, it doesn't need a database (point 2) :)

> > Personally, I think
> > this is a bit too much work done by IBO and it makes it extra hard to
> > keep up with new stuff, like ROWS, for example...
> IBO does harness a lot. That is what makes it such a great product to use.
> Use a TIB_Cursor if you want totally raw dataset processing.

Nope, sorry, cannot do that... Using TIBOQuery everywhere because of
TDataset stuff - but that's not really important now :)

> What do you need the ROWS capability for with a buffered dataset anyway?
> Seems if you are using the ROWS capability a cursor should fulfill the
> just fine.

Well, not me - but as you know, InterBase Workbench has to keep up
with the latest changes - I (already have the media kit) and others test
the tool with IB 6.5... :)

> The changes to make will probably take less time than it will to setup the
> test application to ensure their accuracy in. That is mainly what is
> me back from completing this, other than I finally got my IB 6.5 just the
> other week.

Anyways, thanks a bunch for the answers, I just asked a second time
because I didn't got a reply when I asked the first time...

Keep up the good work!
Martijn Tonies
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