Subject Re: [IBO] Timeframe for new release?
From my own point of view, I see changes made to IBO JUST to
fix problems with IB6.5 are going to cause more problems
with existing installations.

I have not brought my sites up to the latest version of IBO,
I'm stuck with 4.2E in the field, but I WOULD like to see a
frozen release that we can standardise on.

I am using 4.2Fn in new designs, but with the volumn of
packages now involved, the simple change of version number
that worked exceedingly well in IBO3 has been lost. I am
getting to the point where I might just build the two
packages, run time and design time so that I can switch
easily ( add an addon pack, FastReport and Telesis all of
which have to be rebuilt ).

PLEASE can we freeze a build at some point and perhaps go to
IBO4.3 for IB6.5 requirements, so that those of use who do
not intend to go down that path can ignore versions that we
do not need to test except for backwards compatibility.

Personally I would rather have a Kylix version of IBO next
rather than wasting time on IB6.5 so as soon as I can freeze
an IBO4 build for Firebird I will be very happy. I still
have over half of my code that was converted to IBO3 now to
convert to IBO4 and that will wait until I am happy that
there will be no need to up-issue again.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services