Subject Re: [IBO] Timeframe for new release?
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Jason,

> > > Feel free to pitch in to accelerate things along if you like.
> >
> > Already pointed you to some parsing bugs :)
> Yes, that is helpful.
> But, there is a difference between "pointing out" and "isolating".

(no trying to sound rude or anything, having to do with users myself)

In this case, I presented you with an easy reproducable case (preparing
a single SQL statement) and traced it down to the method where it went
wrong... Then, I had no idea what the method actually did :)

> The rule of thumb is to consider what your reaction would be if 25 people
> day delivered the kind of request or inquiry you are about to make and ask
> how you would feel being in that position. Especially if you could tell
> there were many things they could already have done to make your task to
> respond much easier.

The problem IBO has with IB6.5 is that it seems to remove _any_ SQL
statements after the ORDER BY clause (see reproducable case) ->
hence, it will never work with the ROWS clause... Personally, I think
this is a bit too much work done by IBO and it makes it extra hard to
keep up with new stuff, like ROWS, for example...

Martijn Tonies
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