Subject Re: [IBO] Timeframe for new release?
Author Jason Wharton
> > Feel free to pitch in to accelerate things along if you like.
> Already pointed you to some parsing bugs :)

Yes, that is helpful.

But, there is a difference between "pointing out" and "isolating".

Some thoughts in general, yet again since my last tripe didn't seem to sink
in enough.

If is all people do is point things out, that still leaves me with a
tremendous amount of wading to do in order to set things up. It is often a
struggle at best and frequently a waste of time to attempt to duplicate
their case because of unique circumstances they are taking for granted that
I am unaware of. And, if you think it is so simple and trivial for me, then
why shouldn't people isolate if for me if it is so simple and trivial? Even
if the problem is totally obvious don't you think it would be nice if I
could just jump right into a setup as ready to do to resolve it in? That
saves me hours easily.

I'd rather know about problems than not (even potential ones) so loading me
down is fine, its just that I can only do so much and if you want things
implemented more quickly in IBO I need people going the extra mile. To me
that means going well beyond just pointing things out.

I'm not saying anyone "doesn't do enough" because any amount people do is
appreciated. The more you and others do, the faster things take shape. It's
just that when people start pressing me about when, when, when will this or
that be done I get irritated because there is no reason this or that cannot
be helped with if it really means something to someone.

In short, what I am saying is, the more people's *actions* demonstrate to me
that they want something resolved in a short period of time the better
cooperation and integration they will have with me. Many of you have learned
how to work with me along these lines and it is great. We all save time when
mutual cooperation is at a maximum.

The rule of thumb is to consider what your reaction would be if 25 people a
day delivered the kind of request or inquiry you are about to make and ask
how you would feel being in that position. Especially if you could tell
there were many things they could already have done to make your task to
respond much easier.

[Helen, please make a special page on the web dedicated for my policy here.
I'd really rather not have to continue answering things on these lines over
and over again.]

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ