Subject Re: [IBO] Questions about new project and IBO
Author TeamIBO
> With Route A has anyone encountered problems with IBO v4 and lots of
> packages e.g. 100+ (In the last project i used v3)?

Packages are expensive on memory. In my application this was an issue
because most users were running via Terminal Server - and so 30 users
running an app of 30Mb is a LOT of memory. Moving to an all-in-one
executable halved the startup memory consumption.

> With Route B - has anyone tried this with IBO components? If so what
> problems did your encounter, if any?

1. Getting it to work smoothly.

2. There are significant licensing issues involved, these are
particularly important now because I would like to try and sell my
application to other developers.

> I have tested Dream Designer and it works well, but i need the
> designer to be all on one form, and i have had problems getting
> Dream Designer to do this. Can anyone suggest an alternative?

Dream designer is the best I have found. My application gets
everything (except the RB report builder designer) to operate within
the confines of the MDI window - this includes form designing using
the dream designer (with a few mods :-)

Apparently Dream Co are soon to release a Delphi6 capable version but
I have two big reservations; Whether it will have all the same
functionality and whether the library will continue to be around
(since the buyout there has been almost no updates or information
coming out from the developers).

I have some other ideas for how I may change my own application to try
and resolve some of these issues - but this is getting too far off
topic. If you would like to discuss it further contact me privately.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing