Subject Re: [IBO] Cannot edit current row error
Author sdbeames
Hi Luis & Luc,
Thanks for your replies.
RequestLive is disabled (greyed). I assume this is because of the
JOIN in my SQL. I tried clearing the UpdateSQL fields, but this gives
a "Cannot Insert a new Row" message.

My EditSQL & InsertSQL are IBO-Editor generated for table JOBS and
look OK. I can insert OK, and change all the other fields, except
this one (PERCENTAGE).

I must have some property for this field set wrong?


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> Steve,
> How is configured RequestLive property?
> If RequestLive=False set it to True or you could add For Update
clause in
> your query.
> With your query, you don't need set EditSql. IBO take care it for
> Luiz.
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