Subject Re: [IBO] dssSearch and opened record set?
Author TeamIBO
> So, it would be a nice to have, when the user could see the last
> matching records during the definition of a new search criteria.

The only way you will manage this is using the suggestion from Luiz
(use a second query and AssignSqlWithSearch).

I handle things slightly differently (and have a base form class that
implements the basics for me)...

I have two tab pages on a pagecontrol (tabs not visible). One page
show the result grid, the other the full detail of the record in
individual controls. In search, edit, insert or "browse detail" mode
the user views the detail controls. After a search is performed they
view the result grid from which they can select to view/edit/insert
detail or go back into search mode again.

Not that this solves your particular problem, but having the result
set on a different tab page does stop the user from expecting
different behaviour (and allows the result set to display on the full
height of the form).

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing