Subject Re: [IBO] dssSearch and opened record set?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
My base form for browsing and searching data consists of three main

1) A group box where numerous TIB_Edit, TIB_Date, ... components are placed
simply to enter some search criterias, when TIB_Query is in dssSearch State.

2) Below of this group box there is a TIB_Grid where the matching records
for 1)
are displayed.

3) A TPanel with different TIB_*Bars.

The user can open the dataset without specifying search criterias in 1). Now
he can push
a button and TIB_Query goes into dssSearch state. At this point the dataset
is closed and
he can enter search criterias in 1). So, it would be a nice to have, when
the user could see
the last matching records during the definition of a new search criteria.

I'm aware of using non-data-aware controls and OnPrepareSQL. But I would
like to
implement as many functionality as possible in the base form, where all
other browse
forms are derived from.


"Geoff Worboys (TeamIBO)" <geoff@...> schrieb im
Newsbeitrag news:538579859.20020115092946@......
> > TIB_Grid is linked via TIB_DataSource to a TIB_Query. I've numerous
> > input (search) fields (TIB_Edit) also linked to this TIB_Query on
> > the same form as TIB_Grid. Is there a way to keep the record set
> > open, when putting TIB_Query into dssSearch state?
> I am not sure that I understand, but I think the short answer is "No".
> The dataset is either in search mode or in browse (or some other)
> mode. It cannot be in multiple states at the same time.
> Perhaps there is some other alternative we can suggest if you explain
> what you are trying to do.
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