Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Property Buffer Of TIB_Connection
Author Artur Anjos
Hi Frank

I trust you...

And I have also read the post from Geoff. And the article from Ivan. Since Ivan is an 'habitué' in ib-support, maybe he will answer this questions fast.

My question remains: Why it should be just one byte on the client?

This is a very important subject, since it can change the speed of the all application.

My suggestion it's to move this to ib-support, and get back here when we find an answer. The changes in IBO should not be executed before that. This is not IBO related.

Do you agree? If so, could you please post this message in ib-support? Or do you want me to do that?


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Subject: [IBO] Re: Property Buffer Of TIB_Connection

Hi Artur.

I've spent about two hours to find out whats going on with this

I searched the whole web and also the usnet archive (google) to find
any discussion on this topic.

And still not it is not absolutely clear.
Here is what I found out by testing.

1.) Server is configured to have 2048 cache pages.

2.) Test-database has no setting for cache pages.

3.) Establishing a connection with isql without specifying the cache

4.) submitting a "SET STATS ON"; "COMMIT"; shows 2048 cache buffers

5.) Quitting isql

6.) Starting a IBO application with no changes for Buffers property
(leave the default of 75 unchanged) and keep it connected.

7.) Starting isql again but with secifying the parameter cache 20
(You have to do this becuase if you would not specify the parameter
it would use the default of the server and because it is higher than
the buffers specified by the IBO app overwrite it.)

8.) submitting a "SET STATS ON"; "COMMIT"; shows 75 cache buffers

What would be your conclusion ?
Give it a try in your environment.


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