Subject RE: [IBO] Problem again with OnDataChange
Author Kevin Stanton

Then how in the heck to I detect the customer number changing? The code I
posted in the original email came from Jason quite some time ago.

I don't want to do the code (set field values, etc) every time the event
fires (Field.FieldName - nil), I only want to change fields in the record
when the user changes the customer number. How can I do this?

It works perfectly w/ an IB_Edit but not w/ a TIB_LookupCombo. My personal
opinion is the TIB_LookupCombo is not functioning properly.

There has to be a way to capture when a field value changes. Forever it has
been in the OnDataChange event, testing Field.FieldName for the appropriate

What is the correct way now?


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Hi Kevin,

I dont doubt that you are seeing a difference between the versions,
many things have changed from IBO3 to IBO4. What I am saying is that
the code you were using was not guaranteed to work properly even in
IBO3 (the fact that it does/did may make it convenient, but not


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