Subject Re: [IBO] BDE to IBO migration
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> BDE to IBO will work, but there can be more to delete than
> would be required to write starting from scratch <g>.

First I wanted to have a running application moved away from the BDE.
This was done in about 1 hour (a pretty handy application with
about 15 data modules and 40 forms). Bye, bye BDE :).

The second step will be to clean up the code, as I've described before
(remove the whole Bookmark stuff, ...).

And now as I already know how powerful the native IBO components
are (e.g. automatic sorting in grids, ...), I think about rewriting the
from scratch without using TIBO* components...

So the main issue is "BDE/TIBO* cleanup" vs. "TIB_* rewriting" ;-).