Subject Re: [IBO] FR vs QR
> One feature, important to me, in RB I did not see in FR is the ability to
> store the repor, tincluding its event hanlding code, outside the executable.

All FastReport profiles are stored in .frf files. It's the
one reason I switched from QR.

I either send the customer a new .frf, or just make the
designer available for them to make changes themselves.

Only bit that has not been completely fixed is using a
native IBO query embeded in a report. IF you insist on that
method of working ( I prefer to just use the queries from
the application ) then just run FastReport in 'TDatabase'
mode, and use TIBOQuery for embeding in the report.

Personally I have not had to yet, and I do have a 'raw'
version of a TIB_Query to embed, but it needs some more work

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services