Subject Re: [IBO] FR vs QR
Author Russell Belding
Hi Stephen

Thanks for your clarifying reply. We are almost off-topic so I also will be
brief. Having several report writers supporting IBO use is a plus for IBO

I don't see anything in FR not in RB. No improvements over RB mentioned.
Aligning components in multiple bands is something I do often in RB. RB also
has never asked for fees beyond the initial purchase. RB also supports
native IBO by courtesy of members of this IBO group I think.

One feature, important to me, in RB I did not see in FR is the ability to
store the repor, tincluding its event hanlding code, outside the executable.

Best regards


""Stephen Ebbrell"" <admin@...> wrote in message
> Hello Russell,
> We are getting a little OT for this board so I will keep it brief.
> The testing was done with an earlier version of FR (before it could access
> native IBO components), so I was passing the result set from a TIBQuery to
> TIBOQuery and connecting to the TIBOQuery with both tools.
> > Was your speed comparison measured? If so over what kind of reports and
> what
> are the results?
> I produced a simple report using a 15 Million Recordset, the FR preview
> appeared virtually instantly whilst the RB Report took a while to format,
> didn't measure the time difference but it was a few seconds, not enough to
> make you change from RB to FR in itself but enough for me not to want to
> change from FR to RB.
> > Are FR and RB similar? Did you do a feature by feature comparison? If so
> what are the results?
> When I said they are similar what I meant was the design process was
> similar, you could switch between either and feel at home very quickly.
> As far as what you can do, most banded types allow you to produce similar
> reports in my experience, there may be differences in how you have to go
> about it but you can generally get the required result.
> FR has the usual exporting to CSV, Text, HTML and RTF format, it also has
> built in dialogues so that the end-user result set selection can be built
> into the report rather than having a separate selection form.
> If your clients want Cross Tab Reports FR has the components to produce
> (just improved recently), it also has a quick Table Printing component for
> those simple reports.
> One feature which I have not come across before in a Banded Report
> is the ability to align fields on multiple bands, takes the guess work out
> when some fields are at the top of the page and other fields are nearer
> bottom.
> I would be happy to use either tool but as Alexander usually has updates
> quicker (first with native IBO support, first with KYLIX support) I see no
> reason to change.
> Incidentally, although I was one of the first users of FR, Alexander has
> never asked once for an upgrade fee even though the tool has improved
> immeasurably over the years, I guess he must be getting enough new
> registrations to keep him happy.
> Steve...
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