Subject Re: [IBO] incremental search without fetching too many rows
Author TeamIBO
> But, what about having some standard component/setups behave the way
> I (we?) need? The famous IB_IncSearch maybe? C/S friendliness is one
> of the bigger strength of IBO...

If I can find some extra time I will see if it may be possible to
offer a ParamName capability on IB_IncSearch - that way the same
control can be used however you want to implement your incremental

If that proves impractical I am reluctant to introduce yet more
controls/components - we get enough comment about people getting
overwhelmed as it is.

As I mentioned, I need to improve the ParamName processing for
TIB_Edit and the other IB_* controls so that you can (optionally)
force the parameter to take effect by pressing Enter. (Should be easy
enough I think, I just have not had time to look into it.)

I actually setup the ParamName functionality to support report forms,
where a form is setup with controls attached to one or more
parameters. The user enters all the necessary parameters (perhaps
date ranges and so on) then hits a button which forces the parameter
updates to take effect and the report to run.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing