Subject incremental search without fetching too many rows
Author mmenaz
Hi, I've to provide the user the possibility of starting write the name of the customers and having the matching rows displayed in a grid for selection.
Now it's working with a IB_Query and a IB_IncSearch. The problem is that this way I have to open the IB_Query that has a select like "select * from customers" and only after the user is entering some values in the IB_IncSearch there is a refinement in the dataset. Customer table could be huge, so I don't think this is a good (C/S friendly) approach.
I would like instead having the dataset "closed" (no rows fetched) until something is typed into the IB_IncSearch and then opened with a query that retrieves only the matching rows.
I'm sure IBO can provide this in an automatic fashion, but I don't know how! (no, I don't want the normal search mode, in this situation I want a natural, user friendly incremental search).
Thanks in advance
Marco Menardi