Subject My program nearly finished, but exporting to excel is a problem f or me
Hi all

as your remember, I post lots of questions both ibobjects and ibsupport
mailing list. I started my first application using IBO4, with a great help
of Artur, Lester, Norman, Burak, Arda ..... (I am sorry because I can not
remember all helpers name). I thanks to Jason and TeamIBO also.

I did my program, but not finished yet, because I have another thing that I
shoud do. we first imported data (with the help of Artur) from txt file,
approximately 1.000.000 record. now I have to export them into excel (only
320 calculated record). but I do not know how to do, even I do not know if
it is possible (I think yes).

if this information is not enouph sorry.

I searched Delphi help file but could not find.
thanks everybody