Subject FB RC2+IBO4 Problems
Author carlosmacao

Probably this is not the right newsgroup, but i think it is important
to raise the flag. I would like to know if anyone experimented
problems using IBO4 (last build) with FB RC2 (Build 706 from Dmitry
Kuzmenko, Epsylon Technologies

My problem, which doesn't happen with official RC2 (build 679), is:
when i post any insert (and not an update), in any table, i get an
ISC ERROR CODE: 335544569: Dynamic SQL Error (SQL Error Cod=-104).
I've tried it with a recreated DB, after a Backup and Restore DB,
with IBServer as a service or as an application, with local and
remote server, with a simple project (with only the basic IBODatabase
and Delphi components). Nothing seems to succeed, only when i go back
to the official release the problem disapears.

Before a post this to the Firebird groups, i would like to know if
anyone as some idea to try or has experimented the same problem.

Resources used: Win2000 Pro, Delphi 5 and IBO4 (last build).