Subject Re: [IBO] help, don't know where to look at anymore
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 01:46 PM 09-01-02 +0100, Tom Deprez wrote:
>I've stumbled across a problem on which I'm already looking 2 days, but I
>can't find a solution.
>1) I perform a stored proc in one form and then close the form
>2) I go to another form and scroll a table and close the form
>3) Go back to the previous form and then perform the stored proc again with
>the same values or even other values
>I get the following error message:
>ISC ERROR Code: 335544569
>Dynamic SQL Error
>SQL Error code = -804
>SQLDA missing or incorrect version, or incorrect number/type of variables.
>Why does 1) gives no error while 3) gives an error.
>Anybody an idea?

this little treasure is from a bug in InterBase. To read about it, look up "XSQLDA bug" in the online FAQ and also read Jason's article about it in the News page of the website. You will discover also the workaround for it...


Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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