Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion for Team IBO
Author TeamIBO
> I am certainly happy to accept - just not sure how to get
> the [TeamIBO] appearing like Geoff and Helen - I'm STILL
> using Netscape 4.77 as the Netscape 6 stuff refuses to do
> what I want when it comes to eMail. I'm getting a bit more
> stuck in my ways of doing things <g> ( Give me 5-bit
> Teleprinter code and I'll be happy )

I recently changed (from Outlook Express) to 'The Bat!'. It has a
really neat quick-template capability. I was able to setup a template
so that it automatically adjusts the 'From' line for me on selected

I am not sure, but I think with OE (and so perhaps with NS) I would
have had to alter the setup of the primary account (and so use the
change for all email), or define an alternate account with different
name settings and then remember to send from that alternative account.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing