Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion for Team IBO
> 3) TeamIBO status or non-status of a person isn't something to be discussed
> on the list by the community. I don't want people getting offended or
> pressured. We will have three initial TeamIBO members if they accept, who
> are Geoff Worboys, Lester Caine and Helen Borrie. Please include TeamIBO in
> your sig-line and if possible your name as seen in the From line. I expect
> more will be added.

I am certainly happy to accept - just not sure how to get
the [TeamIBO] appearing like Geoff and Helen - I'm STILL
using Netscape 4.77 as the Netscape 6 stuff refuses to do
what I want when it comes to eMail. I'm getting a bit more
stuck in my ways of doing things <g> ( Give me 5-bit
Teleprinter code and I'll be happy )

Lester Caine [TeamIBO]
L.S.Caine Electronic Services