Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid InPlaceEditor Logic
Author TeamIBO

> I set up a test table with an integer ID columne and three memo text
> columns. The IB_Grid for this table has no event handler for
> OnEditButtonClick. It should use the default memo editor and I'd
> prefer to use the default text editor, (but my own date editor as I
> have date calculations using a table of non-working days which is
> set for local law).

You mean that you would prefer to edit the memo inline like normal
text? What about carriage returns and scrollbars etc? (BTW it is
possible to edit a memo inline by dropping TIB_MemoEnh onto the grid -
from my EnhComponents.)

> In the code I have if gnOnEditDoEditClick=True and
> AlwaysShowEditor=True then entering a memo cell causes cycling
> somewhere as evidenced by the cell text flicker.

I just tried to simulate this here, and I am getting what I expect.
That is; When I land on a memo cell the memo editor automatically
displays. When I OK out of the memo editor it automatically jumps to
the next cell (and if that is a memo then the memo editor shows

> There is no column level control over what columns can be edited? Do
> I need an OnEditButtonClick handler for this?

The code is...

if Assigned( FOnEditButtonClick ) then
FOnEditButtonClick( Self )
if ( FEditLinksAuto and SelectedField.IsText ) then

So if you define an OnEditButton click event then the memo editor will
not be automatically displayed. However the ShowMemoEditor function
is public to IB_Grid, so you can easily call that function for
particular fields. (This seemed like the most flexible option at the

1. NavigateOptions := [gnOnEditDoEditClick]
2. EditLinksAuto := true
3. EditLinks := blank
4. AlwaysShowEditor := true

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing