Subject Re: [IBO] IBO inside a dll
Author Martijn Tonies

"Geoff Worboys" <geoff@...> wrote in message
> > are there any known problems when using IBO inside a dll, running a
> > script (with an error in it), shutting down, unloading the dll
> > (seems to work just fine), but, upon closing the application,
> > generates an Access Violation...
> > If I try this (via a lot of stuff), when closing the application, it
> > generates an Access Violation and I really have no idea where to
> > look...
> So you unload the DLL after the script has finished? (Sometime before
> the application is closed.)

Eh, the DLL is unloaded when the application closes...

> It could be that there is an object around that is trying to access
> another object which no longer exists because the DLL has been
> unloaded. IBO tends to create a few objects in unit initialization
> sections and I am not sure how this will impact your particular
> situation.
> If you can supply the callstack at the time of the AV we may be able
> to offer more help (presuming your DLL is enabled with debug info).

If there was a callstack, I'd be happy ;)

Anyway, I read the part in the IBO help file about ISAPI (and dlls)
again -- now, I've also created a TIB_Session (didn't do that yet),
just at initialization time of the DLL. That seems to remove (why?)
the AV when closing down...

But do I have to create a session component per connection then?
Guess, so, right?

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