Author David Husarik
Hi Group:

I am not sure that this is the right group to be
posting this inquiry, so I'll apologize in advance.

I am using Delphi 4.0 with Update pack 3, IB Objects
version 3.6Dk (?) and ReportBuilder Enterprise edition
version 6.02.

When I added reporting to my project, compiled and run
the project from within the IDE trying to print
reports, I get the following error.

Project w2process.exe raised exception class
EIB_ConnectionError with message �DatabaseName cannot
be blank.� Process stopped. Use Step or Run to
continue. This brings up IBA_Connection.IMP within
the IDE and stops on line 1524. The code starts on
line 1522 with

If (tmpDatabase = ��) AND
(GetEnvVariable(�ISC_Database�) = ��) then
Raise EIB_ConnectionError.create(E_Database_Blank);

I have stepped through the code checking the values
for DatabaseName in TIB_Connection and TIBOTable. I
am not sure where else to check. Has anyone run
across this problem.

Thanks in advance,
David C. Husarik
Programmer IV
MA Dept of Revenue

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