Subject Re: [IBO] A Few Simple Questions
Author Jason Wharton
> Hi All/Geoff,

Let's please remember Geoff's efforts here are totally voluntary.

> Sorry for all of the questions, but generally, I like to understand
> why I am doing something(I would love to wade through tons of IBO
> code(hopefully someday soon), but time does not allow this).

Be sure to get the GSG. Small investment for a nice return.

> I am trying to determine a system(plain vanilla initially) of preparing,
> opening, closing datasets, committing transactions at the correct times
> places(all in a multi user environment).
> 1. Opening datasets
> This I know how to do.
> 2. Closing datasets
> If I have a simple form which allows editing of a table(using TIB_Query),
> can I close it in the forms OnDestroy event. Would/could another method of
> closing be used if I had an TIB_Transaction on the form?

It's up to you. If you set its CommitAction to caClose it will close when
your transaction is ended.

> 3. Preparing TIB_Query
> When is this done explicitly. Where can it be be set to be done
> automatically(if)?

It is automatically prepared for you as necessary and remains that way until
you explicitly unprepare it.

> 4. UnPrepare
> Same as above.

Don't keep a statement prepared unless there is good probability it will be
used frequently.

> Comment:- I noticed in the code(v4.2E) that CommitAction(TIB_Query) is
> Setting this value has no effect then?

It is fully implemented now.

> Many Thanks,
> Dion

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ