Subject Re: [IBO] Two databases in same project
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:47 AM 01-01-02 +0000, you wrote:
>I changed the protocol to both databases (and yes they are
>tibodatabases) to cpTCP_IP. I made sure that a hosts files exists
>with the entry below. But the problem still exists. So, to clarify, I
>have two databases set up as:
> database1: path = c:\databases\db1.gdb
> server = localhost
> protocol = cpTCP_IP
> database2: path = c:\databases\db2.gdb
> server = localhost
> protocol = cpTCP_IP
>Also, I am running Interbase 6.5 (not 6.0).
>I am reasonable familiar with the network in control panel, but I do
>not see where I select the local loopback virtual adapter. I have
>three adapters - Dial-up adapter, Dial-up adapter #2 (VPN support),
>and Microsoft Virtual Private Networking Adapter (I use VPN to get to
>work from home). I don't see a local loopback adapter in the add
>adapters list, nor do I see that property in any of the adapters or
>in TCP/IP. Where do I set it?

Sorry, yes, I just looked at the offerings for Win98 and the MS Loopback Adapter is not there. (I'm on NT here). So there's one place you can't improve on with Win98, at least.

We're getting WELL off-topic for the IBO list now, too, so it might be worthwhile posting a question to the ib-support list where you might find others who are attempting to use Win98 as a server platform...