Subject Re: [IBO] I'm home...
> ... but don't everyone jump me at once...

I'll jump in first then - nice and refreshed?

> I've taken in a large number of emails and it is going to be a while before
> I can get to them all. That is the part most about vacations that I dislike
> is that the work just piles up!

At least you missed the problem that hit Helen worst. I
binned 6000 eMails.

I feel like I've had a break this week. Everthing seems to
be coming together, and rather than fighting bugs. We are at
the nit pick stage. ( You will probably see from the eMails
- ignore any of mine everthing is now fine )

IBO4 and Firebird 1-beta2 is looking very good indead (
apart from gds32 but that is a problem for another list ).

Now I should have some time for Kylix - dump me what you
have and I will try and get my 'LocalHub' communications
center running on it. There has been no problem with the
Firebird on it since I started it before you went away!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services