Subject Re: [IBO] AVs in gds32.dll

This eMail has only just poped up at my end, 10 hours later,
but I must comment.

> If you are already using tcp/ip for the local connection (thus eliminating this as the cause) I'd e suspicious about the version of gds32.dll you are using...

I went through everthing on my application, Jason even had a
look at it, and there was nothing HE could see wrong. But
until I split the job into two separate programs I could not
get rid of occasional errors. The test program used the same
raw data, and some times a sequence would work, and the next
time it failed. I tried ALL the current gds32's and they all
gave problems, but noticably different ones. So I still
think that even using TCP/IP for everthing there is still a
niggle in gds32 that we can hit.

The new setup is now running 24/7 so it can be got round,
but it's not easy.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services