Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Sending demo of Problem
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:59 PM 27-09-01 +0000, Peter Magor <pmagor@...> wrote:
>I made the changes that you recommended and the problem was still
>occurring. So I installed the trail version of Delphi 5 and
>recompiled the application and it worked! This leads me to believe
>that there is a problem with the IBO demo Delphi 4 Dcu's. So now I
>have it at a point where I can evaluate IBO.

You are quite right - when I ran the "fixed" project in Delphi 4 it stored the input value 4598.5813 as 0.2080. Sorry for missing that yesterday. I will zip up the demo project for Jason to look at when he returns from Idaho.

Could you just remind me which version of IBO you were using? (Check that by inspecting the Version property of a TIB_Connection or TIBODatabase component that has been dropped onto a form or datamodule).



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