Subject Re: Sending demo of Problem

I made the changes that you recommended and the problem was still
occurring. So I installed the trail version of Delphi 5 and
recompiled the application and it worked! This leads me to believe
that there is a problem with the IBO demo Delphi 4 Dcu's. So now I
have it at a point where I can evaluate IBO.

Also the difference between varchars and chars is quite a revelation
for me. I am quite glad that someone pointed it out to me now or in a
couple of weeks I could be ripping my hair out wondering why the
program is not quite right.

Thanks again for your help and thanks to the others that provided
information about the varchars vs. chars

Peter Magor

PS I don't normally use quoted identifiers in my DDL but I just copied
it from IBConsole.