Subject LESTER !!!
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:14 PM 27-09-01 +0100, you wrote:
> > I wouldn't worry, I'm not getting them either - thankfully.
> > Maybe some kind soul will forward them to us. (JOKE, please don't !)
>I've tried forwarding them back to NZ but that just gives
>more failures. They are still coming!

PLEASE DON'T DO THAT ANY MORE - you are causing me to get 3000 emails an hour now instead of 1000 per hour that I was getting before.

Please EVERYONE just filter these messages into your trash but don't try to respond to them.

>My ISP has now got on the case as it's started to clog them!

My business DEPENDS on email - what do you think it is doing to me?

>It is about time that we had some proper filtering so that
>this sort of thing can be disabled without having to wait
>for the perpetrator to do something. This is just not

Unfortunately all that can be done is to ban these idiots who go on holiday without changing their list settings.

fwiw, I have tried:

Telephoning Mr Gupta (an International call) - his support staff don't even know his home phone number!

Telephoning the ISP - also an international call - a freecall number that does not respond.

So I phoned my father in New Zealand and had him call the freecall number locally. (he is also an customer). Not much joy there. Their technical people are off-duty.

My son (also in NZ) offered to so and set fire to the head office in Auckland. I told him I'd let him know...

This has been an evening of trashed time for me. Please DON'T reply to any of these messages.


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