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Author Norman Dunbar

this is the same behaviour as Oracle (!), CHAR fields get padded with spaces
and VARCHARs don't.
If a field is CHAR(5) and you store 'A' in it, it will be stored as 'A '
and a test for 'A' will fail.

I think SQLServer (double !) does this as well.

VARCHARs only store as much data as you tell it to, so the 'A' is stored as
'A' and a test for 'A' will work as expected.

Confuses the hell out of some of our developers here - until the know about
the difference that is :o)


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> > 2. I set your Keylinks to ID. (Notice that I had a little trouble with
this because you made this a char(12) so your unique id values get stored as
"FIRST ", "SECOND " and "THIRD " and a query 'where "ID" =
'FIRST' will not find the row...
>According to the SQL standard and how IB implements it, it surely

Test it for yourself. Char fields get right-padded with ascii 32 at
creation time.