Subject update from one database to another
Hi Folks. Another problem!

I want to update certain records in one database (call it 'dest')
with values from the corresponding records in the corresponding table
of another database (call it 'source').

How I have done it (but it is clumsy) is to read all the primary keys
from the table in 'source', that are going to need updating, into a

Then used the stringlist to delete the corresponding records in the
Dest database one by one. Then used ib_DataPump to copy the records
from source to dest.

Is there a way of using datapump directly to do an 'update' ? If so I
can't make it work.

I have tried to open a query on the source table (to get a dataset of
only the update-needing records). Then going down these records to
eof, at each source record have opened a cursor on destination
table , set it in edit mode, copied the fields across one-by-one,
then posted the dest table record.

I cant get this 'edit then post' to work. I keep getting primary key
violation, although I put a transaction around each one.

Is the process; request live, then open, then setedit, then do edit
then close.. wrong ??

Grateful for any help Please