Subject Re: [IBO] Can IBO do this ?
Author Peter Richards
Hi Svein,

On 26 Sep 2001, at 9:59, Svein Erling Tysvær wrote:

> non-profit rings great in my ears, but I thought Philippinoes knew English
> pretty well?

Yes, you are correct, in general they do, but it is the huge culture
difference, not so much the language.

> >So part of IBO would give me the capability to import from Dbase ?
> Well, not directly I think. IBO has no knowledge of dBase - excepting that
> TIB_Export is capable of exporting to dBase. I guess you could have a look
> at that source to get an impression of what was is needed for your imports.
> I've always used the BDE for reading dBase and Paradox tables, so I don't
> know how difficult it will be for you.

Okay thanks, I will have a look at TIB_Export