Subject ANN: InterBase Workbench 0.9.5
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce a new version of
InterBase Workbench - the developer tool for InterBase and Firebird.

This version includes support for the latest Firebird features!

InterBase Workbench gives you an easy-to-use application to create,
edit and extract your database objects, export tables, run scripts,
extract metadata, run ad-hoc SQL statements and much much more...

InterBase Workbench works well on low-bandwith connections because
of extensive caching in the object editors and by using IBObjects -
the best InterBase/Firebird connectivity suite for Delphi and
CPP Builder.

InterBase Workbench supports InterBase and Firebird - download a
trial copy at - go there now!

We don't copy features - we make them up.

New features:

- Create New Database -
* New Wizard interface
* Added 64bit I/O support for 'unlimited' file length for Firebird
* Added 16Kb page size for Firebird

- Test Data Generator -
* Random Full Name filling for string fields added
* Random strings from a list added
* Random integers from a list added

- Generator Editor -
* Support for DROP GENERATOR statement for Firebird

- Overall -
* Added DDL tab to every object editor - show the metadata for the current
* Added SQL dialect 3 quoted identifier support in the Visual Query Builder

- Preferences -
* Added Constraint name templates (use in Constraint Editor and Table

- Enterprise Manager -
* Added Database Property sheet (modifying for IB6, SuperServer only)
* Added Database Validation & Repair Wizard (IB6, SuperServer only)
* Added Transaction Recovery Wizard (IB6, SuperServer only)

- Metadata Extract -
* 'BY DESCRIPTOR' UDF argument mechanism for Firebird

Bug fixes and small enhancements:
* Bugfix: single line comment (--) didn't take multi-line strings into
* Bugfix: fixed a bug with multi line string highlighting
* Bugfix: fixed a bug with UDFs reporting 'unknown argument mechanism'
* Bugfix: fixed a bug with connecting to a database and the specified
* Bugfix: fixed a bug with double listed fields when extracting Primary Keys
* Bugfix: removed an Access Violation with the Describe Companion and
'Refresh From Database'
* Bugfix: removed several Access Violations when dropping constraints
* Bugfix: removed an Access Violations when using unknown collation IDs
* Bugfix: removed several Access Violations when adding or dropping Stored
Procedure parameters
* Enhancement: 'Show Recorded Statements' added after Statement Recorder
* Enhancement: Added several toolbar buttons
* Enhancement: Added 'select all' and 'clear all' buttons in the Metadata
Extract Wizard
* Enhancement: Minor Database Navigator enhancements
* Enhancement: Modified multi-file drop to support Script Pages in the
Script Editor instead of opening an editor per file
* Enhancement: Several small enhancements

Martijn Tonies
InterBase Workbench - the developer tool for InterBase and Firebird

Upscene Productions

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If we change anything, the users object."